• choppermike10 minutes ago
    Hoi FOD, see you have a trip on the horizon !
  • Fat_old_dwarf10 minutes ago
    Could be the last, so couldn't resist the train.
  • Fat_old_dwarf9 minutes ago
    I don't think anyone's reviewed it since they started the direct service.
  • choppermike7 minutes ago
    @RoMoney excellent thanks, big thanks 😉 just been in to ushers island btw, for the cheese deal !
  • RoMoney5 minutes ago
    Haha, no way, nice? I see he was doing a few stash and dash jobs down the quays........his Instagram is hilarious, weed and betting tips :lol:
  • Fat_old_dwarf4 minutes ago
    Betting tips, just what I need.
  • Fat_old_dwarf4 minutes ago
    Though weed is probably more reliable.
  • RoMoney4 minutes ago
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    Fat_old_dwarf wrote: Betting tips, just what I need.
    Winners don't tip and tips don't win :)
  • Fat_old_dwarf2 minutes ago
  • RoMoney1 minute ago
    I never got gambling, I always look at the floor of broken dreams, i.e crumpled up betting slips and think why
  • RoMoneyjust now
    There's a bookies beside my gaff and there are people literally in the thing all day every day
  • Fat_old_dwarfjust now
    I don't get gambling when there's no real skill, like those machines, or the lottery for that matter.

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