Luxembourg flirts with the Canadian model.

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Luxembourg flirts with the Canadian model.

Post by Schroom » Thu 26th Jul 2018 02:36 pm

The following is a rough translation from a news Article. ... l-12025251

Today, the Parliament has discussed in a public debate the handling of Cannabis following a recent Petition for legalization that had received an overwhelming number of signatures.
More concrete, it’s about the legalization of the Drug and its distribution, for example via Coffeeshops.

Petitionary Joe Schmit has different goals. Even though he himself isn’t a consumer, he has noticed that “Cannabis is available everywhere and all the time”. For that reason, a Federal Regulation seems to make sense, in order to protect the youth, the consumers and the constitutional state itself.

On one side Guy Munhowen (Manager of the local headshop placebo, distributer of CBD and member of the socialist party) argued passionately for exactly that. “it’s not about complete clearance of Cannabis, but about a reasonable regulation”, says Munhowen. But this raises a number of problems, starting with the acceptance by the population.
Minister of justice Félix Braz (the greens) says “the Drug politics of the recent decades has failed”. We need new and unified regulations because “what’s penalized now, has to find acceptance from the people”.

Role model, Canada.

Minister of health Lydia Mutsch (socialists) acknowledges that the current law needs to be changed. There are a few contradictions in society concerning the handling of drugs, namely with alcohol that’s being consumed for different occasions. Especially for children and teenagers it’s impossible to comprehend why Cannabis should be treated differently than the socially accepted drug alcohol.
Still we need to keep an eye on the health risks associated with consuming Cannabis if we want to discuss about a legalization.

The Canadian model kame up pretty frequently, the north American country has decided on legalization in 2016 and is being praised from everywhere around. “to say it informally, the Canadians have busted their asses in order to find a reasonable and coherent system” says Munhowen. But following Mutsch, the Canadian model could only be applied conditionally to Luxembourg, as it is very recent and long term consequences on society can’t be deduced yet.

Education, control, prevention

The conclusion of today’s session could be “we are open-minded, but we don’t want to act precipitately “ as Alex Bodry (socialists) said. “The Left” and “the Greens” agree. The Christian party shows itself “open to further exchange” over the subject, as said by Marine Mergen. But first we need to talk about the feared drug tourism, prevention and the transfer to minors.

“Problems can only be solved if they are talked about openly” says Munhowen. “it would be refreshing, if an adolescent could openly share in school that he has a problem with drugs. Because those adolescents exist already, today”


personal addition:

Finally they decided to study the subject further and to reconvene in September. The Democratic party, socialists, greens, pirates and “the left” have all put in the effort for legalization in their manifesto for the upcoming election. The Christian party as well as the more right winged party and the Communists haven’t.

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Re: Luxembourg flirts with the Canadian model.

Post by Schroom » Thu 6th Sep 2018 02:53 pm


Following a report from Luxembourg’s “Tageblatt” all 3 of the ruling parties LSAP (Luxembourgish socialist worker party), DP (democratic party) and the Greens are all three pleading for a change in the current Cannabis legislation and have put it their party platform. After the legalization of medical Hemp was supposed to be an emergency action, in order to keep shares in the German Stock Exchange a chain reaction is now on their way that could end in the legalization of Cannabis, even for leisure use.

Medical Hemp legalization for Stock trading

It’s been almost three months that the Report concerning trade with Cannabis shares in Germany made a lot of noise. We ( also reported about this, that the firm “Clearstream” refused the trade with Hemp shares, which would have meant a ban of Cannabis shares on the German Stock Exchange. But just in time, Luxembourg legalized Medical Marijuana so that it could continue to be traded on the markets.

Momentum for more

But this didn’t close the case “Cannabis” in Luxembourg. Shortly before the upcoming elections, most parties discussed a possible legalization and regulation of the Cannabis market in their particular program. However, the coalition won’t be able to implement their new position so shortly before the election. Being the biggest party in the country, the opposing Christian social public party (CSV) refuses the idea of a regulated Cannabis market.

With these developments, the criteria for legalization in Luxembourg are met. Should the CSV not be part of the ruling body, which we shall see after the election in October, we will see how serious the three parties are about the subject.

Freely translated from: ... lisierung/

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