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by macky
Fri 16th Feb 2024 10:24 pm
Forum: Canada
Topic: Little up date
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Little up date

Been on long break from the hemp ...had a few gummies along the way :crazy: Went in pot shop today to have a look , crazy amount of stuff :D The prerolls alone where three pages ,infused with everything hash ,rosin ,concentrates ..... I went with Cookies I liked there London pound cake :mrgreen: Got...
by macky
Mon 18th Dec 2023 01:23 am
Forum: Coffeeshop Reviews
Topic: Terminator
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Re: Terminator

Read an article about bombings in Rotterdam ,seems there’s been 50 blast this year alone .
The story I read about a coffee shop being bombed said. 26 old man from Amsterdam was arrested .
The police blame drug gangs ....really who would of thought :D
by macky
Tue 31st Oct 2023 04:12 pm
Forum: Coffeeshop Reviews
Topic: Green Place
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Re: Green Place

Holy molly have not keeped up on prices ,what the funk 2grams rosin 300 hundred euros :shock: That’s 450 Canadian . You can buy so much hash ,concentrates and rosin for that here :? Weeds cheap you can make baby jar of rosin for that money ,shit give me 300euros and I will press you one :D But you w...
by macky
Sat 22nd Jul 2023 10:28 pm
Forum: Hotels
Topic: Hotel Voyagers
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Re: Hotel Voyagers

So Hello all long time well I just got a message from hotel voyagers. I asked Them when they will Reopen the hotel they have no idea when that will happen , But stated not any time soon. If I recall you moved out of that place half way though your last stay :D Sad but true just not the same with ou...
by macky
Wed 12th Jul 2023 11:39 pm
Forum: Growshops and Seeds
Topic: My New Girls
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Re: My New Girls

Nice work ,do you use there big bud ? Love there PH perfect pens :) Deep water is advanced growing need to keep a close eye . Playing with auto flower seeds my buddy gave me ,easy Pessey :D Pro mix with ph perfect works fine with a 600 w light and a big sunny window in the room . No timer or ph...
by macky
Mon 1st May 2023 12:50 am
Forum: Travelogues
Topic: Ghost 420 day 2 17/04/2023
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Re: Ghost 420 day 2 17/04/2023

Great read 8) Awesome read @Ghost 😁👍 Really enjoyed that, also some great pictures of familiar faces (blurred and unblurred alike 🤣). A bit sad I missed out, hope to make up for it next year :mrgreen: Was thinking same thing :wink: KLM got free stop over with my flying blue points 420 2024 Dam and t...
by macky
Wed 12th Apr 2023 12:09 pm
Forum: The Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory and its Forums
Topic: Recent Downtime
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Re: Recent Downtime

Latest I've now opened an independent account for and moved everything from HullDJ's account to the new one. It's the cheapest service they offer so we'll see how it performs. So far it looks fine to me but we'll see how it goes. I've only taken it for a month for now so I'll l...
by macky
Sat 1st Apr 2023 05:17 pm
Forum: Personal
Topic: HullDJ
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Re: HullDJ

Remember when we needed little help with server space or something (way over my head ) :D He stepped up and saved the day :clap: :clap: Lucky that year had a full boat ACDers ,so Smoke boat gives you four free seats (pay twenty seats ,got twenty four available :mrgreen: ) Was a TandT at Rookies wher...
by macky
Sat 11th Mar 2023 09:19 pm
Forum: Cannabis Strains
Topic: What are you smoking right now! [pictures inside]
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Re: What are you smoking right now! [pictures inside]

Gabriela it’s a hybrid 20 indica 80 sativa .Its a Mexico,Colombia,Meao Thai,Uzbekistan along with G13 hashplant :shock: Ya mouth full :D The growers at Broken Coast called it Monster frost (because buds look covered in frost) Great pot ,great growers name you only need to know Broken coast :mrgreen:...
by macky
Sat 4th Mar 2023 12:21 pm
Forum: Coffeeshops and Cannabis
Topic: Amsterdam 1975
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Re: Amsterdam 1975

I think it was this issue that first planted the Amsterdam seed in my mind so long ago. :mrgreen: 8) With you there ED my issue was two page centre of the magazine with a picture of the seed ban...
by macky
Sat 18th Feb 2023 05:17 pm
Forum: Smoker-Friendly Bar Reviews
Topic: Cafe Batavia 1920
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Re: Cafe Batavia 1920

Your right @matty ...but would be a great apartment :mrgreen:
by macky
Sat 18th Feb 2023 05:16 pm
Forum: Growshops and Seeds
Topic: ACD Seeds Trading
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Re: ACD Seeds Trading

courtjester wrote: Mon 13th Feb 2023 01:56 pm I hate to be the one to ask the nitwitted question, but if the nitwit fits...

When you say "2x," or "3x," to what are you referring?
number of beams 2,3etc.
by macky
Sun 22nd Jan 2023 05:48 pm
Forum: Travel Plans
Topic: The Annual Four-Twenty Gathering - 20th April 2023
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Re: The Annual Four-Twenty Gathering - 20th April 2023

Awhile back I was about to book 420 ,when my wife had to spill the beans on the fact my buddy’s have rented a hall on 420 week. On the 18th I turn 60 and planned a bday bash in the dam . It seems they booked a couple bands and invited a couple hundred friends and family . My girlfriends are taking m...
by macky
Sat 14th Jan 2023 10:31 pm
Forum: Personal
Topic: FlyByNite
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Re: FlyByNite

Sad news indeed. For a while I was never quite sure of his location. I sensed a connection to Haarlem, I thought maybe he was an American living there. Another unsung hero. He lived in America,stayed in Haarlem with a good buddy of his mother who lived there . Had bike he bought over the years he w...
by macky
Sat 14th Jan 2023 06:12 pm
Forum: Personal
Topic: FlyByNite
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Re: FlyByNite

Big lose ,spent many Stoney hours chatting on his site :mrgreen: Was at dinner with him one night and he was wearing a veterans hat ,a American lady at the next table thanked him for his service, After she left he told me he never understood that saying :D He then told me when he was a young man he ...