Episode VIII - more 420 madness

After (or during) your trip, post your report here.
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Episode VIII - more 420 madness

Post by OneHighMofo »

So! NO red-eye tonight - at least I'm not sat on the customary red-eye airport express typing my report this time.
NO. Tonight I'm sat watching our kid playing Titanfall 2 while reading the 420 reports on ACD and getting baked because we've booked a sensible mid-morning flight for once and the old-fella has kindly offered an airport lift - so there's probably more than a bit of the right kid of red-eye going on given the canna-caps for breakfast, brownie for supper and the fatty of rainbow jones I'm smoking as I type this. Tomorrow is going to be a cracking day of that I have no doubt.

She's a tasty number as ever this Rainbow coloured lady. This one is extra special though. Just short of a two year cure on this particular sample and there's no hint of flavour loss. She's super smooth even thought the ash isn't particulary white. This was the gardeners first attempt at this lady and they'd hit her pretty hard with nutes. Still - there's no trace of it now other than a slightly accrid finish. Nothing that taking smaller sips doesn't cure. Two years in a jar and there's still an oil ring forming around the cherry! If I wasn't so baked I'd press a gram out for rosin to see what the effects of a pronounced cure are on yields.

Bags are packed. Future circus in tow. Little bro in the area.
Can't wait. Next update will be from Voyagers.
Amsterdam bitches!

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Re: Episode VIII - more 420 madness

Post by LLMReb »

Kick ass! I'm pumped for you!
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Re: Episode VIII - more 420 madness

Post by CopenhagenCouple »

Good start the mr. MF, can't wait to meet you and get melted together, keep the good stuff coming! :D
Always know where your towel is! :wtf: :lol:
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Re: Episode VIII - more 420 madness

Post by macky »

I,m there at 11 with Matty and Danny maybe there or Betty boob ..sooner or later brother 8)
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Re: Episode VIII - more 420 madness

Post by DeLekkersteNUGS16 »

We want moar! Give us an update fookin hell mate!
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Re: Episode VIII - more 420 madness

Post by memogram »

Have fun bro
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Re: Episode VIII - more 420 madness

Post by BongHug82 »

:D Enjoy man! You'll be in full on 'Dam mode right about now as I type 😎
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Re: Episode VIII - more 420 madness

Post by OneHighMofo »

If there is anything more frustrating than waiting for a flight to the 'dam I have no idea what it is. It's mid-morning and the glow from the 2g sour Tangie wake and bake doob at around 7am is waning. Sobriety is peering around the corner of my buzz, my senses slightly dulled down to ‘straighthead’ level. Yet time crawls still - as if I'm at the apex of the high.
“Voyagers, voyagers, voyagers” my mind repeats on an endless loop.
Just a couple of hours away.

In no time at all that familiar feeling of building suspense as we amble down the stairs from the platform, it’s so close - why do these people walk so slowly? Past the Albert Hein - we can see the light, Ricky proclaims his excitement just as we step out of the station into the brilliant April sunshine and that first taste of liberation.

We make a beeline for Voyagers. Both grabbing a bag of the Lemon Bubble (€10), I also buy the Kosher Kush (€15) and Ricky grabs the Fromage Bleu (€12). There are some other bits (kush mainly) on the menu that look interesting-ish. I’ll take another shufty later on. For now these are safe buys for us, dependable.

We don’t stay long - preferring to buy and fly so that we can dump our bags and grab steeds for the week. We roll everything we have; grab a looza and head off. That feeling of being back in the Dam is so hard to describe. Acceptance, freedom, familiarity. All of the above. We amble along blazing - giving the tour guides opportunities to make jokes about ‘the schmel’ and discussing our purchases.

We’re talking about our ratings scale, deciding to ‘re-calibrate’ slightly in order to give a bit more flexibility in the scores and better reflect the quality levels.
A score of:
7: is now average. Which means ‘good enough’. Not going to set the world on fire but good enough for the money.
8: is great. Fantastic flush, Great potency and excellent transfer of taste.
9: is exceptional. I haven’t ever smoked a 9 I don’t think.
10: is kind of unachievable - as nothing is perfect. Reserved for an absolute game changer

The Lemon Bubble is definitely above average as ever.
Ricky is happy that is smells of Silver Bubble and the lemon profile is loud in this example. The flush is great although this batch is definitely getting on a bit now as there’s very little moisture content. I don’t find it effects the experience - it’s beautifully smooth. At €10p/g she’s a great buy.
7.8 - She probably deserves closer to an 8 but I’ve smoked a lot of her recently so that play’s a part in the rating. She does deserve props for the price though. This is fantastic product for €10 comparative to what’s on the menu at €5 more.

The Kosher is similarly good.
Not quite as disgustingly sour and dank as she could be but there’s definitely a lot of gassy citric lemon and a hint of rotten fruit.
I think I’d rate this at around the 7.5 mark. The flush and finish are great as always - and there’s a ‘little’ more sticky in this tree. But at €15? There’s got to be a points penalty for that.

Ricky gives me a knock on his Fromage Bleu bag though the vape as we check in at the Bulldog, our rooms are ready so it’s a quick spruce up. Change of t-shirt and back out we go. Off to star-bikes. The FB is so nice that I grab a bag as we head past Voyagers.
Again not quite as good as it could be, but a decent example of the strain never-the-less. And another decent bag of trees for the price.
Rating? 7.5 again. Above average. Could be better.

Linda at StarBikes is an absolute darling to deal with. What a lovely lady - very chatty and helpful.
We’re in and out in ten minutes with a lovely couple of step-throughs complete with handbrakes at about €10 per day I think.
Ricky is finally on two wheels - his first few minutes are somewhat wobbly and there are a couple of close calls at the busy intersection to the east of Central Station as we cruise back across in the RLD heading for Niewe Markt.

I want a nose on this Johnny Blaze that a couple of people have recommended. It does smell great to be fair. But it smells like a good OG and I am not paying fucking €18 for a joint of OG kush regardless how good it is. Screw that. The Silver Bubble has just as much nose - the nugs are just as pretty and it’s €8 less. No brainer.
This is one of the better Silver Bubble examples I’ve bought here in a while. Lovely candy notes thought the middle bolster the sherbet haze top-end and the bass-end delivers a subtle skunky dankness on the exhale. Lovely stuff. The finish is good. Smooth - flavourful and gentle on the throat in a pure joint. Again - at €10 it’s hard to argue with.
7.8 - This lady can be outstanding so I’m confident that she deserves this rating.

The sun is shining and Ricky is happy on the bike so we set off to Amnesia - running into ACD member ElasticBand enjoying the sunshine outside, it’s great to catch up and we have a smoke with him after visiting the bud tender. Ricky slips me €20 for a bag of NYCD but I don’t buy it for him as the tray was total larf.
I grab a bag of the Acapulco Gold at €15 (which I swear has dropped a euro in price but no-one seems to agree with me) which is great. Above average in terms of finishing and flavour transfer again and the texture is great. Sticky, crunchy - no need at all to grind this for the vaporizer. Fantastic.
This example is heavy on the haze flavours so there’s some of the interesting tropical fruit profile missing. She can be better, and this is expensive - so again I’ll rate her at around the 7.4/7.5 mark.

We have a Strawberry milkshake of course and they now sell a lovely range of teas. I plump for the pomegranate white tea. Very nice indeed.

Ricky buys the Amnesia Gangster at €16!!!! It’s great. Nice flush - great nose. But no way is this worth €16. He rates it at 7.3. I think I’d have gone lower just for the price hit. I can buy great Amnesia at €10 (or less if I shop privately). WTF?

EB fancies as beer, Ricky does too and we’ve never been there so he leads the way to his favourite bar that I can’t remember the name of. We have another lovely hour vaping and shooting the shit before Ricky proclaims that he’s dankrupt. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE BRO. Let’s solve that immediately

I’ve been vaping since Green Place and am subsequently building a nice little stash so I show Ricky the beauty of the bike and take him on a coffeeshop cruise.

Grey area has a queue that stretches around two corners. I cannot for the life in me imagine why. Their product is no better or worse that anyone else’s. Fuck that.

We hook to the west and aim for Eerste hulp. It’s another buy and fly.
Ricky buys 1g London city diesel at €14 and promptly rates it 6.5. I agree with him wholeheartedly. Very little flavour. What there is doesn’t taste like diesel. WACK.

He also grabs the Mango Kush at €13 and is similarly disappointed - both were reportedly suffering from an acrid finish.

I get the gorilla glue at €15 and the S5 haze for €13. The S5 is…. haze. Yes it’s nice but it’s nothing to write home about in terms of the finish either. A bit dark and acrid. This shop often lets me down this way recently. I was disappointed with the Gorilla Glue in the vape but she did fare much better in the pure joint I rolled in the next venue. A decent representation of the genetics and it had a better cure than the other products from this shop.
I’d score the s5 at 6.5 and the GG at 7.2. Just above average.

The next stop is Funky monkey as I’ve never been. The menu is reasonably large - pretty varied, has a great spread of prices and a couple of names I’ve not seen elsewhere. The place is very spacious, has lovely wide leather sofa’s running around the outside of the high ceilinged room that encompasses a pool table, chess board and enjoys floor to ceiling windows with a fabulous canal view.
The decor is somewhat ‘theme bar’ - you can imagine from the title no doubt. But there’s lots of opportunity for this space to be the classiest joint in town.

Unfortunately the gram of King Louis OG I bought at €15 was pretty tasteless and only made a tiny doob. Not good enough: 6.2 Probably the most disappointing bag of the trip but I wouldn’t let that stop me from trying the rest of the menu.
Ricky bought the G13 at €12 and was reasonably happy.

As we leave it’s getting colder and we realise we’ve not yet eaten yet. The ACD session at Batavia looms so we head back to the Bulldog for warmer clothes then cycle due west out of Dam square again to a little eaterie on Raadhuistraat that does a cracking steak.
Bellies sated it’s time to hook up with the ACD. We make it Batavia about 9pm to find Macky, DrugsBunny, Gapie, Lemming, CopenhagenCouple, Smirks and Cisco. More people turn up later but I’ll be fucked if I can remember who.

It’s super nice to finally meet the CC who’ve been right at the top of my ACD-to-meet list for a while now after DLN has sung their praises. Super intelligent, great conversationists and monster smokers. Beautiful people.

CC has some 24k shatter in his stash and shares those around once I get the e-nail setup and the bubblers rocking. The taste and potency are unrivalled. The best concentrate I’ve ever seen in Amsterdam - period. This is from an extract team called Deep Concentration (find them on the usual social media channels) and is very impressive indeed. Smooth, clean. Fantastic product. I begin making social media moves to find the plug and get hooked up immediately.

The sesh is in full swing and my stash is dwindling down to dangerous levels - I only have 2g’s or so. Before Voyagers closes at 11 I pop round and grab a bag of the Dank of England and a bag of the 24K. Both are priced at €15.
The DOE is disappointing. Kushy notes are intact yes but there’s nothing else to bolster the profile. For me it’s just a bit boring.

The 24K is better but I’ve bought louder examples in Utopia recently so again I’ll mark this as only just average. In fact - for the price; and knowing how belting this strain can be. I think I’ll drop it to a 6.9
It’s getting on for midnight now and DLN has just landed from his trip to Italy. Mr and Mrs CC and I plus Ricky head to the Bulldog and get settled in on the couches. The man himself arrives around 1am and it’s fantastic to see the cheeky little bastard. He’s got the best banter in town this lad and now we’ve got a cracking little crew going. We’re all flagging a bit and Ricky heads to bed, CC make their way to the piggy and after DLN and I have had a late night joint or two sat by the canal side we call it a night about 3am.

What a day. Four more to go? What a beautiful thing.
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Re: Episode VIII - more 420 madness

Post by Kenshiro »

Great so far! Looking forward to the rest of it, keep it up (I've been salivating at the thought of 420 reports) :mrgreen:

*Shame about the LCD from 1e hulp...when I had it there was just enough Diesel in the background to satisfy my desire that day, but way off what a typical Diesel should be for sure.
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Re: Episode VIII - more 420 madness

Post by Devore »

Great report so far. Thanks man!
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Re: Episode VIII - more 420 madness

Post by WLow »

Yep nice hunting, thanks for reporting OHM, i have the same feeling about 1hulp on my last few visits.

Lemon Bubble at 10 is the price it should always be, when they still sold (the missed) Super bio lemon haze it was also 10. I sure prefer the silverbubble from greenplace for that price.

For the JohnnyBlaze i still think it has nothing to do with an Og. It's a selected cut of berry that is enhanced by the strongness of a Neville haze, you really should of tried it.
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Re: Episode VIII - more 420 madness

Post by OneHighMofo »

Cheers guys - very much appreciated indeed.
@wlow - She really did smell JUST like an OG. So I that makes her a lot more interesting. But still - it's a matter of principle. I'm just not prepared to pay those prices. I was happy with 90% of the product I bought this trip - I think mainly because I shopped at <€13 for the most part. The best Coffeeshop buys of the week for me were below €11 so it just goes to show that the top end of the menu isn't necessarily where the 'best' product is.
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Re: Episode VIII - more 420 madness

Post by Marok21 »

Really nice report :D thanks

sounds like a lot of fun :D
WLow wrote: Mon 24th Apr 2017 12:41 pm For the JohnnyBlaze i still think it has nothing to do with an Og. It's a selected cut of berry that is enhanced by the strongness of a Neville haze, you really should of tried it.

OneHighMofo wrote: Mon 24th Apr 2017 04:03 pm @wlow - She really did smell JUST like an OG.
For me the GP version was also like some OG + Blueberry maybe... it wasn´t hazy for me. I heard from different People now that sometimes u don´t get what u bought from there... but usually it is what you bought :lol: maybe they are sometimes to lazy to print a new menu. I had a talk with Highly Blessed years ago about that...

By the way I think that the Acapulco Gold from Amnesia was also for 15€/g in the past. That was one of the only weed strains I tried from there... and it was a real headbanger! but I wasn´t sure if it really was clean because of heavy coughing when smoking but like I said strong :shock:
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Re: Episode VIII - more 420 madness

Post by WLow »

Maybe you guys are right, I dunno,
it sure don't tasted "hazy" but to me it had that oldschool blueberry flavor that you don't find anymore and
and the uplift of a strong neville.

Usually i shop like you OHM rarely pay more then 12-13, voyagers 15e strains sometimes. The only time
i payed 18 was for that JBlaze and i think few years ago i payed that for some chocolope kush in greenhouse.
In dam my favourite smoke is SilverHaze anyway :mrgreen: (the peppery one if i find it 8))
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Re: Episode VIII - more 420 madness

Post by matty223 »

Great meeting you guys, had a blast, next year same time same place,
Kosherdawg was banging

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