Barney's Uptown

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Barney's Uptown

Post by Lemming »


ACD Page: Barney's Uptown
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Re: Barney's Uptown

Post by Lafe »

Not a lot to say here, it's OK for a drink and a toke but the decor is strictly commercial. Grab the window seats if you can for some people watching. I have not eaten here but it it seems to be your standard burgers, etc.

I usually stop in once or twice per visit when on Haarlemmerstraat.
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Re: Barney's Uptown

Post by worldcitizen1723 »

food was much better the first couple years after it opened. It was actually good and they cared about it. For the last two years I would say skip the food. Milk shakes are good when the machine is working
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Re: Barney's Uptown

Post by TwoCanucks »

Have had the English breakfast probably a dozen times, overpriced but hits the spot after an allnight flight. Cheaper and better quality in other places, but enjoy the window seats. gets loud and crowded.
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Re: Barney's Uptown

Post by MJ420 »

This is usually my first morning stop as my flight always arrives early AM and they open at 9 and I usually don't visit this place more than once during my trips . Food is above average but can be hit or miss. I like the american style pancakes. I tend exit and go elsewhere when it starts getting loud and crowded.
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Re: Barney's Uptown

Post by GorillaGlue »

I actually really enjoy this place. Food has been great every time ive stopped in. Nothing special but solid. Nice spot to relax with a cold beer and a smoke. Staff was friendly and the service was good. A little touristy, but still a great spot. Id recommended if you are in the area.
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Re: Barney's Uptown

Post by deebzy75 »

piss take
12euro for pancakes???
good place if your not worried about the $$$$$cash
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