Hemp Grown in Iceland

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Hemp Grown in Iceland

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Hemp Grown in Iceland

Experimental hemp cultivation has begun in different places across Iceland. The project is organized by the company Hamp Tech Global Warming and the purpose is to see whether the plants can grow in Iceland and be harnessed for industrial production.

According to bbl.is, the seeds of the hemp plant can be used for oil production and the plant itself as animal feed.

One of the owners of Hamp Tech Global Warming, Sveinn Jónsson from Kálfskinn farm in Eyjafjördur, told ruv.is that the conditions for growing hemp in Iceland are good.

Currently six different types of hemp have been planted in different areas to see which varieties are best suited for the Icelandic climate and which parts of the country are best suited for growing hemp.

The hemp plant is robust although it is sensitive to frost in spring. In fall and winter frost on the ground does not prevent the growth of the plant. According to Jónsson, hemp is sometimes harvested in January and February in Sweden.

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Where to buy Marijuana, Weed, Vape oil and Hash in Iceland

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We will be visiting Iceland in the summer. Any leads to 420 friendly locations in Iceland.
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