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New here

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Hi, I've been over in NL on quite a few occasions over the years and am planning another trip in the not too distant. My main reason for joining is because my usual stop off for aromatic herbs and spiritual refreshment on my way around has been t'Klavertje just outside Amersfoort because they have been providing some nice Mexican Sativa pretty reliably whenever I have been. Unfortunately they appear to have been forced to close down this summer.

My preference is for some nice mellow Sativa that's not too potent, with Durban Poison and Mexican Sativa being personal favourites, but I have generally found that kind of weed quite hard to come by. I don't tend to go to Amsterdam and I'm hoping that I can get some recommendations of places that might have the kind of thing that I'm after, and preferably in parts of the country that I might want to visit.
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Welcome to ACD Freewheeling,
If you're looking for your fav. Sativa, take a look at the coffeeshop reviews or look at the ACD directory to help guide you around. :mrgreen: I think you'll find something you like.

If you never do, you'll never know.
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