the gas man

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the gas man

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yo its the gas man here, yorkshire based chilled out smoker who loves to visit amsterdam,

if you watch any strain cainer content on youtube then you might know me already :D

have a great day everyone :D
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Re: the gas man

Post by Ghost »

Hello the GasMan, welcome to ACD buddy :D
Chase the Green to live the Dream :mrgreen: 8) :D
Tokeing tom
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Re: the gas man

Post by Tokeing tom »

Hello gasman welcome
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Re: the gas man

Post by Hobie »

Welcome here GasMan`
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Re: the gas man

Post by BootTaper »

Hey now and howdy.
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Re: the gas man

Post by Shesed »

Hello gasman. I'm newcomer.
no pain no gain
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Re: the gas man

Post by AzLaker »

Shesed wrote: Wed 31st May 2023 06:50 am Hello gasman. I'm newcomer.
Welcome Shesed. Give a little info about yourself and hobbies. :mrgreen:

If you never do, you'll never know.
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Re: the gas man

Post by esinen »

hello mate..
yeah i know u
nice to see you here..
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Re: the gas man

Post by welshmans_beard »

Gas Man!

Just discovered Strain Cainers, in the process of catching up with your content.

Keep up the good work bud
Nowt better than sparking a big 'ol leg of lamb
Strain Cainers
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Re: the gas man

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Never heard of you before :wink:
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