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League of Legends

Post by Devore »

Anyone on here play League of Legends? Been playing for 4-5 years now and love it as much as I did back then.

Buddhalove on EUW if anyone plays.
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Re: League of Legends

Post by nycht »

I have around ~200 games in LoL. But I'm fully moved into DotA 2 now :mrgreen:
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Re: League of Legends

Post by giabaohome »

Anyone still playing this game?
Tough game for me. The fast-paced nature of the game, along with its massive player base, can feel intimidating at times. Timing, strategy, teamwork – there's so much to consider! I sometimes use this lol script just to sit back and relax a bit from the heat of the game. But despite the challenges, I enjoy the game and think I'll always play it.
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