Barcelona trip report

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Barcelona trip report

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Good afternoon everyone
Its been a while since ive been anywhere to do a review.
Ive just return back from a well deserve break away .
March 22nd - March 25th

This was my 2nd time being in barcelona
The 1st trip was last year booked as a present from the missus just me and her. So it wasnt really a smokey one, just stay at backyard mostly as recommended by shaggy. I knew i had to get back to experience a few more places

There was 4 of us that flew out
3 smokers and 1 none smoker

We arrived in barcelona friday at 11 oclock
Got in to are apartment and striaght to back yard

The plan was 2 try and smoke as many different flavours as i can all smoke all exact same
1g joints
Pure no tobacco
Element rilzas

My personal list

1g ozk - flower 7/10 back yard
1g Forbidden fruit - fruity 9/10 back yard
1g cherry mimmoz - grapefruit 7/10 back yard
1g purple mac - grapefruit 7/10 relax
1g super runtz-gas-9/10 relax
1g rs11 x rainbox sherbz-flower-7/10 relax
2g alien og -earthy-7/10 relax
1g papya budder -fruity- 7/10 relax
1g fiji sunset - grapefruit - 7/10 relax
1g tropical cherry - grapefruit-7/10 relax
1g bon voyage - earthy - 6/10 relax
1g pluto - gas - 7/10 backyard
1g apple & bannanas -gassy sweet -7/10 back yard
1g suger runtz relax 9/10 again back yard
2g lots of fruit relax purple - berry - 7/10 relax
1 g live hash rosin ghost og 8/10 relax
1g lemon aci - lemon -7/10 relax
1g black cod - gassy - 9/10 spot
1g key lime pie - cirtus - 8/10 the spot
1g oeroz 7/10 -piney earth - the spot
1g spritz 7/10 - cirtus - the back yard
1g bannana god - sweets - 7/10 theback yard
2g tahoe og - earthy piney - 7/10 relax
1g strawberry haze - harsh - 6/10 relax
1g bingsu - gas - 7/10 the back yard
1g space - earthy - 7/10 the spot
1g plathom plant -og - 7/10 the spot
1g purple dino - gas - 7/10 the spot

I really enjoyed working my self thru the spainish flower there was a few thats stood out for
1 Forbidden fruits €16
2 super runtz €18 bit pricey but 🔥
3 black cod €27.50
4 key lime pie €16
5 tagoe og €10

Also i got to say i was passed on a couple orange zkittlez joints and i could believe the price was only €8
Full terps and massive oil ring 👌🏽

Other then smoking good weed i also ate well at a few places

Hideout burgers
La desayuneria (breakfast place )
Bismillah kebabish
19 bagels
The ranch smokehouse
Pizza raval

Was the first time join up to
The spot
I really enjoyed the vibe and selection of the menu and the friendly and helpful staff will definitely be going back again

The back yard
A place that feel like home now , there aint one bad thing you can say about it great menu fantastic service

Was the first time join here and it was a place we joint and it was close to the apartment and the people i was stayin with didnt really want to venture out as much 🤦🏽‍♂️ , this place is a bit of a hit and miss here , menu basic half the staff are friendly and happy the other well if looks could kill , i would of been die a few times 😂

Well im home now back to normality at work wishing i could start the weekend over again also trending geting home and rolling up some shit weed i have in my box lol

Untill next time


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Re: Barcelona trip report

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Nice one! Thanks for that.
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