What are you eating right now? Edibles Thread

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Re: What are you eating right now? Edibles Thread

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I have some medicated hot chocolate with marshmallows, these are made by a local source and you melt them in hot milk and then add the mellows which I like to toast with my blow torch for a semi gooey surface :D They all did come with a small medicated cookie which was supposed to be eaten with the drinks but I scoffed all those cookies one afternoon and then had a good sleep :lol: :mrgreen:

Overall a reasonable high off the drinks and a fair price, a nice little extra on a Friday evening an hr or so before bed, just make sure you do not have to get up for anything in the morning :D
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Re: What are you eating right now? Edibles Thread

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Make my own hash & coconut oil capsules these days (as per Psychedelic Sam’s instructions on the Grass City forum)
Just so easy to make & control dosage. Have almost completely eliminated smoking/vaping apart from the occasional bong hit when I can’t be bothered to wait for them to kick in.

I was given some very professional looking commercial cannabis Oreo cookies ‘Stoneos’ the other day. Didn’t like the high felt a bit chemical? Prefer to make my own & know exactly what’s in my edibles. No interest in sweeties or chocs.
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Re: What are you eating right now? Edibles Thread

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Currently munching my way through a large bag of homemade ABV forest fruits flavour gummies.

Every time I've saved up a large pot of vaped bud I make a batch. They give a very relaxed high, and if you eat too many you're not moving for several hours, but I make them small and weak so I can eat a small handful.

It's great being able to vape your bud, then eat it. Twice the bang for your buck.
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Re: What are you eating right now? Edibles Thread

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I make my own with distillate, mixed with a bit of coconut oil and then added to melted chocolate and freeze dried raspberries and mango and the remould it ... I like the distillate as you get a precise dose, I put 300- 500mg in a bar and I find a couple of squares gives a nice buzz
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