The Golden Rule

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The Golden Rule

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The rule is: say what you like about anything but don't throw insults at other members.

This is a forum for discussing stuff. It's boring if everyone agrees about everything but it's also boring if people are just attacking each other. The answer, I believe, is to discuss subjects, not other members. If someone states an opinion that you don't agree with, post your opinion. The reply should be along the lines of "I think you are wrong about this because..." not "if you think that then you must be a complete twat". If the only response you can come up with is along the lines of the latter then don't bother posting it.

The theory is that by posting a point of view a person is offering that opinion to be knocked down. They are not offering themselves to be knocked down. They may even be playing "devil's advocate" to make a point.

I know a couple of people would like me to play dictator but I believe "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" as someone once said. Hopefully the majority appreciate their freedom here. I have neither the time nor the inclination to be a policeman and, as an oppressed stoner, I don't much like policemen anyway. So, rather than me enforcing this rule, I'd like you to encourage people to abide by it. Is that reasonable?

If someone breaks the Golden Rule I'd like you all to calmly point out the Rule and why it's there without breaking the Rule yourself. It takes two to make a war so this should avoid the worst conflicts. If someone repeatedly breaks the Rule and won't listen to reason then bring it to my attention and I'll take more drastic action as necessary.

This is your forum. It's up to you to keep it civilised and friendly. Stoned people will post some strange stuff from time to time. Let's try to keep a sense of humour and not jump to conclusions. It's only words on the Internet after all. It really isn't important.
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