Hello, hash people !

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Hello, hash people !

Post by BodyStone »

Hello gentlemen,

A great thank you for the profound information provided by you! It has been really helpful to me, a man in his 30’s who only got into Cannabis a couple of months ago for medical reasons. I have been researching a lot what might help me and this would have been unsuccessful if not for sources like this forum and its website. I only enjoy hash. I like traditional hash. A nice buzz with a penchant for a good, long lasting body stone. It should smell and taste complex, woody, earthy to me. I like a golden brown texture with chewy texture to form worms. Came across some Morocco Diamond a couple of months ago: fantastic, my best this far. My best weed experience by far was in 2010, when I very rarely smoked. Friends had a vacation arranged, to AMS. They went to Barneys and bought different stuff for €500 or something like that. Blue Cheese was my absolute favourite, a heavenly dream for me. Soothing. Only one very experienced other guy loved it as much as me, the rest liked “Sativa” stuff which I’m not really interested in.

In a couple of days, I’ll be in AMS. Anyone up for a nice beer or glass of wine - give me a shout. Hope Barney’s has blue cheese. Anyone knows where I can find classic nice “Indica” hash? I think Afghan hash oder Nepalese/Indian could really become my thing.


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Re: Hello, hash people !

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Hi body stone, hope you have a good time in Amsterdam, I am there in just over 2 weeks myself and I'm counting the days, if you are interested in hash I can recommend Cs solo, they are one of the best for hash and have a great looking menu at the minute, try the filtered hashes they are usually the strongest also hiya primero is one of the nicest tasting hashes I've ever smoked, enjoy your holiday man
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Re: Hello, hash people !

Post by FlyByNite »

Solo's menu from August 3, 2021, thanks to member dreaminjection.


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