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Re: Hi guys, just a hello

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Okay, I have you posted in both months.

http://www.coffeeshopmenus.org/0-WhosIn ... er.htm#31a


http://www.coffeeshopmenus.org/0-WhosIn ... mber.htm#1

You and MoBudz should get a Halloween TnT going.

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Re: Hi guys, just a hello

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Dieselbhoy72 wrote: Mon 3rd Oct 2022 11:48 am
Marok21 wrote: Fri 23rd Sep 2022 09:33 pm
Dieselbhoy72 wrote: Sat 17th Sep 2022 01:04 am Thought I’d better sign up and say hello
50 yr old smoker use to smoke ton of hash back in the day
Red seal, Gold seal,Rocky,soap bar,slate and saft black
Going tovthe dam and not had a bit of hash in years so time to bring back the good times
Nice to meet you guys
Welcome :mrgreen: 8)
Nice to have another hash smoker over here :D

The hash market changed a lot over the last years. A lot of the moroccan hashes is now made with foreign genetics and taste and effect is also different. Well there is still classic traditional hash around but it gets a bit harder to find it and gets more expensive :?
Like Tom wrote many of the hash names you mentioned are not really known as quality stuff and if you didn´t smoked hash since that you will be very happy with the offered hash in Amsterdam I think :mrgreen: :mrgreen: while I think it will be very hard to find a better Afghan hash right now than the "Gold Seal" from back in the day :D
Coming from the uk I don’t think we have ever had a decent hash :lol: :lol:
to be honest I have found the quality available in uk has massively improved and over the last years lots of lovely new school Moroccan goodness is available plus the triple filter ones are also available these days :)
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