Weed and Hash Strains for Sampling

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Weed and Hash Strains for Sampling

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Hello all.

It’s been a number of years since I lasted visited Amsterdam and similarly, since I’ve had a smoke. I’m conscious things have probably gotten quite a bit stronger since I was last smashing back joints in the Rokerij so to prevent getting totally messed up on my next visit I need some recommendations for good quality smoke that I can have and still remain reasonably functional.

I recall I had a great time smoking bubblegum on my last visit, nice high, no paranoia and anxiety.

Looking for a few strains of weed and hash I can sample.

I’m going to be in town with my wife so also keen to know of any cafes that one might describe as classy, quiet and darkly lit.
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Re: Weed and Hash Strains for Sampling

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Bubblegum is a sativa dominant at 17 % thc , Look for similar strains in that range and Leafy reviews here :

https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-pro ... rains-2023

have a good trip
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