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Post by Lemming »

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ACD page: https://www.coffeeshopdirect.com/Dampkring.html
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Post by lctricity »

Awesome place!

Great gear and great vibe, although it can get way crowded after 5p. Stop in early if you want a nice place to hang while you smoke.

A "must-do" even if you buy and fly!
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Post by tool175 »

NYC Deisel, great smoke.
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Post by Valo »

My only visit was on new years day when it was far too crowded for comfort, I was with a couple of friends and we opted for the Tweede Kamer instead.

I don't really like the bar-style coffeeshops generally so it wouldn't be a place I would choose to return to - but my next trip is with my friend who is very keen to try again so it looks like I will get a chance to give a second impression in May.
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Post by claudandus »

i personally like the dampkring a lot

because they have a very big menu :P

and you may drink a beer in here

the tweede kamer is also from the same owner :)
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Post by Boner »

Not a fan of Dampkring, I much prefer the quieter Tweede Kamer which is owned by the ame people!!
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Post by zunkii »

I have never liked this place, it is always way too crowded and the staff are very off hand. I must agree with Boner that tweede Kamer is the better option with the same menu.

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Post by milehigh »

I like it. Either you fit in or you dont.

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Post by scooberu »

have some very fond memories of this place. can anyone tell me why on the menu they have only half the options they have on the back shelf?
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Post by T MON€Y »

When is this place not crowded!

The best atmosphere in a coffeeshop, the dealer's are friendly and the bar staff are.........busy! Get a good seat early and enjoy watching the coming and going, and one of the best places for quality bud in the city.
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Post by sonicblue »

This place can get crowded. It's a great looking place perfect as a movie set.

Is it just me or is this place hesitant to sell their stronger products to tourist?
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Post by pad »

1st -
Nice great choice of weed & hash... i love For ever NYC DIESEL :D I can't have a travel in Amsterdam without !

So i bought Ocean's twelve haze, Edelweiss, Jack herer, AK47 allways enjoy. :D

2nd -
nice to drink a beer...hoegaarden...with the NYC

:? but I'm agree, too mutch people in the area really crowded. A must visit in Dam
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Post by Paco »

Impressiv Weed and Hash menu!!!Never seen such a menu.The staff is very,very friendly.They give you good advices for buying dope

I had some Buddah Sister Haze.The best Weed I have ever somked.Awesome.Really nice uplifting high.Ak 47 and NYC Diesel are nice too.Would highly recommend this coffeeshop.Its a bit crowdy in the afternoon.
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Post by Badeend »

I love the Dampkring, I come there everyday to get my gram of AK47, to me the best weed in Amsterdam. If you want to get a happy space you should buy the Oceans Twelve Haze. Everything in my world was funny when i took it :P :lol:
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Post by Paco »

Was there three dats ago.I have been there a few times,but this time the dealer was rude und not very helpful.He had a discussion with a local and I had to ask him three times for giving me some infos.

The weed was good but the treatment of the dealer was sick.
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